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The Authentic Life History of The Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)

Ar-Raheeq-al-Makhtoom (The Sealed Nectar) is a biography of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, written by As-Shaikh Safiur Rahmaan Mubarakpuri (May Allah be pleased with him).

The Arabic version was awarded first prize by the Muslim World Leagues (K.S.A), at the first Islamic Conference on Seerah, (Life of Muhammad ﷺ) in 1979 (1399AH). The book competed with 183 other manuscripts in various languages.

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The title of the book is taken from the Quran Sura 83, Verse 25 “Yusqawna mirrahiqeem-makhtoom” meaning “Their drinks will be spiced with Sealed Nectar”.

The author brings to life the Prophet’s character, struggles, patience, endurance, wisdom and sacrifices in Calling towards God and how this Effort bore fruit by the Grace of God.

The book takes into account various phases of the Life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ sent to Mankind. It takes us back to the Days of Ignorance that existed before the birth of Muhammad ﷺ, and then tracks his whole life from his Birth to the Makkan struggles and Madinan period in detail.

The picturesque description of events makes us feel the pain and suffering which Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and his Companions went through for conveying God’s Message of Truth to all Mankind and the course of History forever.

The book has been translated into simple English for readers to grasp easily and extensively reference for authenticity. It is a must read for every human being who would like to know personally – the Mercy to the Universe – Muhammad ﷺ (Peace and Blessing of God be on him).

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