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The Last Sermon

“O People! Listen to me very carefully because I do not know whether I will meet you at this place after this year.

“O People! You should consider other’s life, their properties and their honour as sacred as you consider this day (10th), this month (Dhul Hijjah) and this city of Makkah sacred. lf a person commits a sin, the punishment for that sin goes only to him and not to his relatives. No father shall cause injustice to his child; no child also shall cause injustice to his father. The father will not be punished for the sin of the child and the child will not be punished for the sin of the father.

“O people, understand this! I have buried all the traditions of the Era of Ignorance under my feet. You should not take revenge for the murders committed in the Era of Ignorance. First, I give up revenge for the murder of the son of Rabeeah ibnu Haarith from our family. All the usury incurred in the Era of Ignorance has been cancelled. First, I cancel all the usury belonging to Abbaas ibnu Abdul Muttalib from my family.

“In respect of women, fear Allaah. You have gotten them as the gift of Allaah. You have gotten them as your wives by His Will. Their duty towards you is that they should not allow the things against your will. If they permit such things, you may beat them without causing wound. Your duty towards them is to provide them food and clothes.

“You will never go astray if you strictly follow what I leave behind me. It is the Scripture of Allaah.

“O People! After me, there will not be any more prophet. After you, there will not be any new community. You should worship Allaah Who is your Creator and Sustainer. Fulfill the five times prayer ordained upon you. Fast in the month of Ramadaan. Fulfill wholeheartedly the duty of Zakaat levied on your wealth. Perform Hajj at the House of Allaah. You should obey only your leaders. (By these good deeds you will enter the Paradise created by Allaah for you).

History of the prophet Muhammad PBUH

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You will see your God very soon. He will question you about your deeds. After me you should not become wrongdoers by murder. Understand this! Surely, Shaytaan has been defeated and put at a great loss by giving up the practice of worshipping Him. Yet you will tum against Allaah easily in trivial things and worship Shaytaan. Shaytaan will be pleased.

“O people! Know this! Your Lord is only One. Your father is one. Except in the matter of piety, no Arab is better than a non-Arab. No non-Arab is better than an Arab. No white man is better than a black man and no black man is better than a white man.”

He asked, “What will you when you are interrogated about me on the Day of Judgement?”

The people replied. “Indeed, we will profess: Surely you preached, you fulfilled and you intended only the good for us.”

The Prophet ﷺ raised his index finger towards the sky, turned towards the crowd and said, “O Allaah! You are Witness to it.” He said this thrice.

“Those who are present here convey this to those who are not here because those who hear this will be better informed than those who get the message directly.”

(Saheeh Bukhaari, Jami’ut Tirmithee, Musnad Ahmad, Ibnu Hishaam)

When the Prophet ﷺ said this phrase by phrase, Rabeeah ibnu Umaiyah relayed it in a loud voice.

(Ibnu Hishaam)

When the Prophet ﷺ completed his sermon, the following verse was revealed:

This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islaam as your religion.

(Al-Quraan 5:3)

Umar radiyallahu anhuma was in tears when he heard this verse. The Prophet ﷺ asked, “O Umar why are you crying?” Umar replied, “Every day we were knowing more and more about the religion. Now that the religion has been completed, I am afraid that the one that is complete will start depleting. And I cried.” The Prophet said, “You said the truth.”

(Ibnu Katheer, Ibnu Jareer, Ibnu Abee Shaibah)

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