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You Can Be The Happiest Woman in the World

If you have ever had depressing thoughts, low motivation, or if you feel stress on a regular basis, you are not alone. Dr. al-Qarni provides inspiration for all situations in life that can cause us grief. Tragedies often make us realize that in order to be the best wife, mother and woman possible, we must take care of ourselves and those that love, as if our lives depend on it. We must remember the lessons that of the greatest women in Islamic history have taught by example. We must rely on Allah to give us strength when we can’t find it in our own lives. Within this book lies the encouragement to be the leading woman in all areas of your life. You will find peace and happiness by holding on to the rope of Allah. The author reminds us that when we take one step closer to Allah, He will take ten more to get closer to you.

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From the translator

Do you want to happy? We are all looking for an escape from worry, stress and depression, and ways to find happiness. This book presents the route to happiness in a nutshell, drawing on Islamic teachings and the voices of “experts” both western and eastern. Sit and read it from cover to cover, or dip into it a page or two at a time in between other activities in a busy life as a wife, mother, student or worker. You arc holding in your hands a treasure chest of reminders that will help you learn important lessons and set you on the path to happiness in this world and in the Hereafter. in sha’ Allah.

About the author

Dr. ‘A’id al-Qarni is a prolific writer of both poetry and prose in Arabic. His PhD is in Hadith Sciences, and he is well known in the Arabic-speaking Muslim world for his inspiring lectures and speeches, hundreds of which has been recorded on audio and video. He has written more than 30 books to date. Dr. al-Qarni writes on a broad range of Islamic topics, from jurisprudence to self-motivational works. The most popular of his books that has been translated into English are: Don’t Be Sad, A Mercy to Humanity and Muhammad as if You can See Him.

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