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Khadijah Proposal to Muhammad ﷺ

In view of Maysarah’s accounts of the journey to as-Sham and Waraqah’s confirmation of these accounts, Khadijah (ra) was convinced about the nobility of Muhammad ﷺ and she thought of marrying him. Three months after Muhammad’s ﷺ return from as-Sham, Khadijah (ra) sent her friend Nafisah Bint Umayyah to Muhammad ﷺ with a proposal for marriage. Most of the historical and biographical accounts confirm that Khadijah (ra) took the initiative to propose to Muhammad ﷺ  through her friend Nafisah. At the time, it was not unusual in Arab society for a woman to take the initiative in a marriage proposal.

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Muhammad ﷺ lived with his uncle Abu Talib, when Nafisah visited them. She greeted Abu Talib’s wife. Looking at Muhammad ﷺ, she said a few sentences of praise for him, and asked what he thought of marriage. In response, Muhammad ﷺ said that he did not have the resources to get married, and that he would get married when his resources allowed him to do so.

It was as if Nafisah had expected this reply. She said why not marry an affluent lady who is noble and respected. Muhammad ﷺ inquired which affluent lady would marry him despite his limited resources. At this point, Nafisah said, “Khadijah Bint Khuwaylid (ra).”

Muhammad ﷺ  was already related to Khadijah (ra). The tribe of Quraysh was essentially one big family. The lineage of Banu Hashim and Banu Asad united at Qusay Ibn Kilab. Moreover, Muhammad’s ﷺ aunt, Safiyah Bint ‘Abd al-Muttalib was married to Khadijah’s brother, ‘Awwam Ibn Khuwaylid. Khadijah (ra) herself was well-known among the Makkans for her wisdom, nobility and beauty. Muhammad ﷺ expressed his approval of the idea. From there, Nafisah proceeded further.

Biographers have noted that a proposal for marriage was conveyed to Khadijah (ra) from Muhammad’s ﷺ side as well. Khadijah’s (ra) father, Khuwaylid Ibn Asad had died; but her uncle, ‘Amr Ibn Asad was alive. He was excited to learn about the proposal. Subsequently, on the occasion of the marriage, he served as Khadijah’s (ra) wali.

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