Motivational Moments Excerpt Infographic April 24, 2017 – Posted in: Infographic, Quotes

Motivational Moments by Mufti Menk

I Hope you found Motivational Moments enlightening and will share it with people who matter in your life. It is especially dedicated to all of you who have liked, retweeted and shared the quotes within minutes of them being posted.

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Some of your comments from the quotes have really touched me.

“Mufti Menk, I saw darkness until I read your posts. Now it’s become my daily dose.”

“I really wanted to end my life. I was so depressed. A friend introduced me to your page. I look at life differently now.”

“I was full of self pity and self doubt. Your quotes helped me change my outlook. It pays to be positive.”

Do read the quotes often and reflect on them seriously.

Of course, words alone will do nothing, unless followed by actions. I hope the quotes can help increase your motivation to reach your objective.

Motivational Moments 2 is already in the works.

You may find delivery information here.
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