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The Story of a Worshipper From The Children of Isra’il

Wahb Ibn Munabbih said: ‘There was a worshipper from the Children of Isra’Il who was the most dedicated to worship among people of his generation. During his time, there were three brothers who were called upon to battle. They had only one sister, and she was never married. They did not know under whose care they could leave their sister. Then they agreed to leave her with the worshipper because he was trusted to them. So they went to him and asked him to leave their sister with him until they returned from battle. He refused and sought refuge with Allah from them and from their sister.’ The brothers insisted until they convinced him. He said: ‘place her in a house near my monastery. The brothers then left her there and went to battle.’

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The devil told him that it is not appropriate for the girl to leave her house during the day, and that somebody might see her when she is walking out during the day and become attached to her. So the worshiper began walking to her house and leaving the food at her doorstep but without talking to her. This continued to happen for sometime.


For sometime thereafter, the worshipper used to bring her food down from his monastery, leave it at his doorstep and close the door. Then he would climb back to his monastery and call her to get her food. She would then leave her house to get the food.

Again the devil came to him and convinced him to take the food and leave it inside her room. So he began to do so, and this continued to happen for a while.

Then again, one day the devil told the worshiper: ‘YOU should talk to her and keep her company because she is feeling very lonely.’ So the worshiper began talking to her from the top of his monastery, and continued to do so for sometime.

Then the devil came to him and said: it would be better if you come down from your monastery to talk to her, or to go to her house. This would make her feel even less lonely. So he did, and this continued to happen for a while.

The devil then came to him and convinced him to come nearer to her doorstep so she would not have to sit outside her house talking to him. So he did, and this continued to happen for sometime.

Then the devil came to him and convinced him to enter her house so that nobody sees her at all. So he began visiting her his entire day.

The devil continued to beautify her in the eyes of the worshiper until he touched her thigh and kissed her. Then he had relations with her and got her pregnant, and she delivered a boy.

The devil came to him and said: “When the brothers come back and find out that their sister had a child you will become defamed. You should slaughter the baby. And she will not reveal what happened out of fear of her brothers.” So the worshiper did.

Later the devil came to him and said: “Do you think that she will keep the secret after you kill her own child? Take her, kill her and bury her next to her son.” So he killed her, buried her and covered the grave with a big rock. He then returned to his monastery to worship.

Later the brothers came back and inquired about their sister. The worshiper said that she had passed away. They cried and told them she was a great woman and pointed them to her grave. The brothers visited the grave, mourned their sister and asked for her forgiveness. They stayed for a few days at her grave then left.

Then the devil came to the brothers and made them see a dream. In that dream they were told that the worshiper had killed their sister and the proof was that she was buried in a different location (i.e. under the rock inside the house).

When the brothers woke up they started talking to each other and found out that they all had seen the same dream. They thought that there must be some truth in it. So they went and uncovered the grave that the worshiper had pointed to, and found it empty. Then they went inside the house and found the rock as mentioned in the dream. On digging underneath the rock they found their sister’s dead body along with that of the child.

So they went to the worshiper and forced him to disclose the secret of what happened. He went ahead and told them the whole story. The three brothers took him to the king’s court and he was given the punishment of execution.

While the worshiper was being dragged to his execution spot, the devil came to him and said: “Listen! I am the devil and it was me who was in communication with you since this whole thing started and not your inner thoughts. Now I can get you out of this trouble if you want. I am the one who put you in this trouble in the first place and I can get you out of it.” The worshiper asked: “What should I do?” He said: “Prostrate to me and I will save you.”

The worshipper prostrated to the devil and as soon as he did so, the devil ran away and the worshiper was executed.

“[The hypocrites are] like the example of Satan when he
says to man, ‘Disbelieve.’ But when he disbelieves, he says,
‘Indeed, I am disassociated from you. Indeed, I fear Allah,
Lord of the worlds.”‘

[al-Hashr (59): 1 6]

– Ibn Al-Jawzi in Dhamm al-Hawd, 1 34.

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