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Divine Speech (Exploring the Qur’an as Literature)

Author: Nouman Ali Khan & Sharif Randhawa


“Divine Speech is a welcome contribution to the literary study of the Qur’an, providing valuable tools for understanding the style and structure…Highly recommended.”

– Carl W. Enrst, University of North Carolina at Chappel Hill


“Divine Speech brings the reader up to date with the current research on literary qualities of the Qur’an and its intricate composition.”

– Raymond Farrin, American University of Kuwait


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Devine Speech

Exploring the Quran as Literature

The Qur’an is undoubtedly one of the most influential texts in the world history. It continues to draw attention from devout believers who revere it as sacred, from western academics who engage in its study exhaustively, and more than ever, for curious individuals who see the book at the center of so much controversy on the world stage. Yet it isn’t your average read. Its compilation, organization, style, rhythm, flow and overall logic is hard to make sense of at first glance. It doesn’t fit the mood of a typical read by any means.

I’ve been a student of the Qur’an for nearly 17 years. My first engagement of it was no different. It is only through a long and laborious journey into the world of the Qur’an and the scholarship surrounding it that I came to understand its unique literary qualities. What at first glance seemed to be the reasons I found the book confusing and hard to process, after a deeper dive, became the very reasons my fascination and appreciation of the book kept on getting fuelled.

This book is an attempt to compile some of those unique literary features that I wish I was aware of before engaging the text of the Qur’an. My hope is that readers will find this book to serve the role of a comprehensive primer to the study of the Qur’an.

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