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Pearls & Corals (Al-Lu’lu’wal-Marjân)

Compiled by: Fuwad Abdul- Baqi

Muhammad Fuad Abdul Baqi was an Islamic scholar was born on 1299 A.H. / March 1882 A.D. He authored and compiled many books related to the Qur’an and the sunnah, and indexes which give the reader access to the hadith of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.



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Pearls & Corals (Al-Lu’lu’wal-Marjân)

Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim are named first in the authentic books of Ahadith. Sahih Bukhari holds the honour to be the most authentic book after the Noble Qur’an of Allah. Sahih Muslim has been graded after it. Those Ahadith which are common in both the collections are termed as ‘Agreed upon’ and possess the highest degree of authenticity.

About fifty or sixty years back, the eminent religious scholar of Egpyt, Muhammad Fu’wad Abdul-Baqi made a collection of these Ahadith and named it as Al-Lu’lu’wal-Marjân (Pearls & Corals, on which the two Sheikhs are agreed upon) In fact, these Ahadith are much more than the diamonds and pearls for us from the Prophet.

The scholars of Hadith have compiled the books Ahadith after a thorough search, vast investigations, careful examinations, systematic studies and close analysis regarding their authenticity. For this purpose they evolved special sciences with strict measures to scrutinize Ahadith and its narrators. They collected and discussed the life histories and life styles of the narrators and then expressed definite opinions about them.

Undoubtedly, these great efforts of the scholars of Ahadith were laborious and painstaking as they sometimes travelled on their feet for hundreds of miles in those days of hand travel, to get a single Hadith to be collected in their books. The scholars of Hadith devoted their lives for this scared purpose, and today it is because of their restless efforts that every act and every word of the Prophet is preserved.

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