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Secrets of Leadership and Influence

Author: Sulaiman Ibn Awad Qaiman
Translated by: Dr Mahmoud H. Al-Deawy


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Secrets of Leadership and Influence

Here you will explore the innermost human motives, and how a leader would employ them in effecting extraordinary influence on others. In this book, you will read about an enormous number of strong leadership situations, the work plans and the means to achieving the mastery of the machineries of influencing people, and of the ways of impacting changes.

In this book, you will unravel many secrets in the formation of an emotionally formidable and socially successful family. names and appellations are from the essential recipes in human influence which speaks volumes about the capability and acumen by which the greatest Leader of all times (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) was able to actualise changes and build wonderful groups within a short period of time.

Life is a journey which constitutes of joy with a blend of difficult situations. In this book, you will find ways on how to rid of difficulties and hardships in the journey of life, and how to sustain a tranquil state of mind and maintain a delightful condition for yourself.

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