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The Sunnah and its Role in Islamic Legislation

Author: Dr. Mustafa as-Siba’ee

The author writes in preface an introduction to Shi’ah, Mu’tazilah, and Orientalists and the personal meetings he had with each of the followers of these groups He discusses mu’tazilee scholars as being of 2 groups, one who reject Sunnah completely and other sho stipulate such impossible conditions for accepting a narration from Sunnah that they, for all effective purposes, reject the Sunnah as well.

The author writes further in preface that in 1953, he visited ‘Abdul-Husain Sharaf ad-Deen, in Tyre. And with his were seated some Shi’ah scholars, who all agreed that there should be more cooperation between Sh’iah and Sunni people and Abdul-Hussain agreed. But the author was shocked when after a short period of time, he saw a book written by ‘Abdul-Husain that was filled with curses against Abu Hurayrah (R.A.)


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The Sunnah and its Role in Islamic Legislation

The Sunnah and its Role in Islamic Legislation is a groundbreaking effort by Dr. Mustafa as-Siba’ee for it has a completeness to it in two regards: first, the author manages to cover all topics related to the Sunnah- its status, its legislative force, the stages that led to its recording, just to mention a few- in a comprehensive and organised manner. Second, he presents the views of those that have attacked the Sunnah throughout history, detailing their arguments and then refuting them. Among those groups from the past were the Shi’a and the Ma’tazilah; today, they are mainly the Orientalists and those Muslims that are influenced by them.

Shaykh as-Siba’ee takes us through the historical development of the Sunnah, from the early stages of revelation to the recording of the Sunnah during the era of great Imams of Hadith. Throughout that account, he highlights the contributions of the scholars in preserving the Sunnah and cleansing it from fabrications and lies. Shaykh as-Siba’ee gives a clear account of the revolutionary methods and scholarly principles that were established in order to authenticate historical reports and narrations. The author shows us that the fruits of that endeavour were the preservation of the authentic Sunnah and the birth of the Hadith sciences.

This book has been a perennial source of knowledge for Arabic-speaking students of Islam, for its clarity, readability, and insightful research. Now English-speaking students too have available to them this authoritative treatise on the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him).

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