The Music Made Me Do It ,

Author: Gohar Mushtaq

Gohar Mushtaq received his PhD in 2001 from Rutgers University of New Jersey, specializing in Biochemistry and Biophysical Chemistry. He studied the classical Islamic sciences throughout his childhood and then in his university years, first with his father and later with various other teachers. Dr Mushtaq contributes articles to both English and Urdu-language Islamic magazines, and he frequently delivers Friday sermons and lectures at various mosques and Islamic centers in the United States. His books include:

  • Growing a beard: In Light of Qur’an, Sunnah and Modern Science
  • The Intelligent Heart, The Pure Heart: An Insight into the Human Heart
  • Islam: Its Beauty & Wisdom


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The Music Made Me Do It 

Is the issue of music a controversial one in Islam? With the prevalence of computers and various electronic devices today, music and singing seem to be everywhere, and contemporary Muslims may be confused about their status in Islamic teachings. The Music Made Me Do It examines the topics in light of authentic Islamic sources, in order to clarify the prohibitions and allowances regarding music and singing. In addition, the author describes the harmful social psychological and physical effects of music on individuals, citing well-documented contemporary research in the fields of medical and behavioural sciences. The interweaving of the two perspectives makes this book a valuable asset for anyone interested in exploring this pertinent Islamic issue.

What others say

“…a book that should appeal to a wide range of people… Questions are answered and doubts and objections that people raise are quelled, and inspiring stories are included for those whose hearts are open to repentance.”
(Abdur- Raheem Green, UK)

“… an excellent work… for those who would like to know the true position of Islam regarding music… I do encourage everyone to read it…”
(Dr. Ahmed H. Sakr, USA)

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